torstai 27. tammikuuta 2011

What do you think about the move?

What do you think about Roope's move to Cesena? Good or Bad for him? What are his chances to do his debut this season? Please comment!

Roope Riski to Cesena

Roope Riski, 19 year old Finnish Striker, got his move to Cesena and Serie A from Turun Palloseura. As he is one of the most talented Finnish players ever, his transfer fee is also one of the highest ever payed to Finnish clubs. There is some rumors that it could be as much as 600 000 €, which is big money for football club in Finland.

Next, it will be exiting to find out if Roope will break through soon and have his debut in Serie A this season, or do he still need to go for example on loan to lower divisions to gain more experience.

By the way, Roope's older brother Riku riski moved couple of weeks ago to Poland, and will be fighting for minutes when Polish league comes from winter break on February.

tiistai 4. tammikuuta 2011

Roope Riski - time for a big move?

Rumors are taking Roope to serie A (i.e., what do you think? Is he able to make it? We will follow here what happens, and inform when anything new comes..

Before the big move, enjoy this video from last season Finnish league:

sunnuntai 26. joulukuuta 2010

Roope Riski Fan Page opened!

Amazing Roope Riski, football player from TPS, got now this official fan page. More content will be added soon..